TotLH: Behind the Curtain 03

Posted by JMeagher JMeagher
John wraps up Book 3, answers more listener questions and shares a few of his plans for the future.
(Running time: 17 minutes)

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Re: TotLH: Behind the Curtain 03

Wow what an awesome set of books.  i love you reading and your writing style.  congratulations on the new baby girl and the changes in your life that being a father will bring.  keep up the great work and i wish i could join you at Balticon, would love to meet you and buy you a beer but sadly i can not.   but i am very much into 3d printing, so if you do end up making 3d models for the Cutlis, or Agrument&Retort and want someone to print them for you i am your man.  i can be reached on Twitter at @hausersteve or on google+ as Steven Hauser
thanks and god bless