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Tales of the Left Hand

Announcements regarding this fantasy series, including the release of Book 3 and other news.
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Kellerour by Kellerour @
Great podcast series! I have listened to all three books of Tales of the Left Hand, but I reached a very DEAD ending. Can't seem tofind the location o fbook four in the series. Has Molly found out who has been pulling her strings? Or has Kate driven you mad? Babies has a tendency of doing just that. I assume it is my fault for not being a Facebook member. Maybe the Fae have placed an invisibility spell over the book.
Daryl by Daryl @
Just an all together great series. I am currently on book 3. I am quite pleased that I stumbled upon these books. The story is very captivating, and the characters draw you in to their personalities. Thank you for the great stories,  I am addicted, hope there is more coming.
Tony by Tony @
I'd like to thank you for providing the world with a series packed full with intrigue and excellent fun.
Also, I wanted to point out a possible bug with your webpage.. I see the button for books 1 - 3, and can easily click on them to reveal the goodies therein.. but I'm having trouble locating the button to Book 4. *Wink wink*

Hope things are well for you, good sir. Send my warmest regards to Sara(h) and Catherine.

- Tony Miller of Arizona
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